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instant Wealth Insurance Now:

Where High-Tech and High-Touch Meet.

The exclusive iWIN drop ticket marketing system from JBC Companies provides “instant Wealth Insurance Now” for fast life insurance sales through a high-tech and high-touch online platform.

iWIN is a single-sign-on, multi-carrier offering that helps advisors provide immediate client solutions through a simple, web-based process that is entirely paperless.

iWIN assists advisors to succeed in serving their clients and easily sell insurance with:

  • 3-Step standardized process for submission  
  • Just-In-Time case processing
  • Live U.S.-based call center
  • Expedited underwriting
  • Quick and convenient
  • Mobile app availability

Call the JBC Sales Support Team toll-free at 866-490-4233 or email Wesley Privett at [email protected] or email Stephanie Reynolds at [email protected].

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